Are you dealing with a true service expert?

There are oilfield service providers—and then there are Service Experts at KLX®. And you can tell the difference right away. That's because on job after job, from the Permian to Pennsylvania, a KLX Service Expert will ALWAYS:


Bring value-added expertise to the table every time.

KLX Energy Services invests in the best people—experienced experts who can really help you out, and proactively identify potential sources of non-productive time (NPT) before they happen.

Put the long-term relationship in front of everything else.

A true Service Expert doesn't nickel and dime your job to death; they value your trust and their personal and professional reputation more than some margin on a spreadsheet.

Take care of their business like a professional.

Service Experts show up on time, understand the project at hand, work hard to communicate with everyone on site and seamlessly integrate with your field and corporate processes.

Be nearby just in case you need them.

With locations in every shale basin in the United States, there is a KLX Energy Services near your site ready to keep you online.

Stay on call 24/7.

A true Service Expert is always on call. That's why when you call KLX in the middle of the night you get an expert—not an answering service.

Work with you, not against you.

Our Service Experts know what they're doing. But they're also willing to be flexible in the way the job gets done. Sometimes there is more than one way to prevent NPT and get the job done right, and we'll do it the way that makes you comfortable.

Need telling only once.

A Service Expert listens. You don't have to waste your time and energy repeating your project, job, problem or request over and over to multiple people.

Keep your wellsite safe.

KLX Energy Services upholds the highest standards of best practice when it comes to health, safety and environmental matters. And you can bet we'll follow your rules too—doing everything it takes to keep everyone safe on the job.

Do it the right way without shortcuts.

Experienced people have seen the risk and expense of NPT in the field. That's why our Service Experts make sure the job gets done right without just taking the easy way out.