Equipment and Experts for Any Well

Nobody can afford long lead times when it comes to pressure control equipment. So the experts at KLX® Energy Services have what you need where you need it—along with a Service Expert who can make sure everything stays on track. Maximize field efficiency and minimize risk as you take delivery of:

  • Accumulators
  • BOPs, pressure range 5-15k, h2s certified
  • Environmental tanks
  • Flanges
  • Flow control nipples
  • Flowback manifolds
  • Flowback trees
  • Frac iron
  • Frac release valves
  • Frac stacks and services
  • Frac stands
  • Spools, crosses, tees, flanges
  • Stripping heads
  • Surface safety valves
  • Valves 2-1/16 up to 7-1/16 bore 5-15k
  • Zipper frac manifolds

Many service providers can offer pressure control equipment. But not many can offer decades of experience in making sure your equipment is properly sourced and delivered 24/7—even in remote locations. Find a KLX Service Expert near you.

A KLXpert won't take shortcuts.

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