Maximize Efficiency. Minimize Risk

With experienced Service Experts in the field, the latest available tools, and a solid understanding of industry best practices, KLX® Energy Services is positioned to help you get your well ready for optimal production no matter what the play. And all with minimal risk, delay and expense.

  • Cementation products and services
    • Stage tools
    • Inflatable casing packers
    • Float equipment
    • Centralization
    • HPHT-Rupture plugs
  • Liner systems
    • Liner hanger systems
    • Open and cased hole isolation
    • Cemented and non-cemented
  • Zonal isolation products and services
    • Frac sleeve systems
    • Composite plugs
    • Toe sleeves
    • Flow collars
  • Production tools
    • Production packers
    • Permanent packers
    • Inflatable production packers
    • Flow control equipment
  • Service tools for remedial and stimulation (R&S tools)
    • Casing repair
    • Cast iron and cement retainers
    • Squeeze tools

Find a KLX Service Expert near you, and learn more about how we can help you ensure well integrity and performance into the production phase.

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