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With our roots in pump-down services, KLX® knows the ins and outs of wireline services. And our highly experienced crews bring the localized expertise that helps maximize production while saving time—regardless of downhole environment. This means our wireline teams bring the industry's best know-how and newest equipment to help your operations run faster, more efficiently and with less NPT.

  • Cement bond logging
  • Cranes
  • Electric line
    • Logging
    • Casing inspection MIT
    • Gamma ray neutron correlation
    • Cement bond evaluation
    • Compensated neutron
  • Plug and packer setting
  • Pipe recovery
    • Free point and backoff services
    • Chemical and jet cut
  • Pump downs
  • Plug and perf operations
  • Recompletion
  • Setting services
  • Slickline
  • TCP services
  • Wireline and pressure control

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