Nitrogen Services

KLX’s fleet of nitrogen pumping units provides dependable performance when nitrogen is being used to displace liquids and reduce hydrostatic pressure within the well. Nitrogen is frequently used to initiate production of a well following a workover, or overbalanced completion.

Built on the latest nitrogen pump technology and industry leading service reliability, KLX’s nitrogen services are capable of improving almost every aspect of well operations. KLX’s nitrogen fleet is comprised of heat recovery units capable of pumping nitrogen efficiently from 200 scfm to 6,000 scfm at pressures up to 10,000 psi without an open flame. Several direct-fired units are capable of 17,000 scfm with pressure up to 15,000 psi. A fleet of nitrogen transports equipped with diesel powered transfer pumps ensure a large supply of liquid nitrogen to support the nitrogen pump fleet. Experienced personnel ensure reliable, efficient, and safe operation whether at a drill site, completion location, or preforming testing / purge operations at a plant or processing facility.

Nitrogen services include:

  • Jetting fluids and solids from wellbore
  • Generating foam for well cleanouts
  • Generating foam for fracturing wells
  • Displacing fluids from tubular
  • Nitrifying fluid for underbalanced operations